Sprimo is a smart air purifier that measures the indoor air quality of the home or office. The device knows outdoor atmospheric conditions, air quality of other rooms in the home, personal presence and home/work schedules in order to clean the air most effectively.

UX Scope: The scope of the project was to provide a simple and clean user experience for the device and the accompanying app.

Client: Sprimo         Role: Sole UX and UI designer         Time: Current


Brainstorming / Concept Ideation

First we explored all the feature options and brainstormed on how to simplify the experience so the user can get the information they need as quickly as possible.


Engagement Strategy

Through research we found a user's interaction is primarily at 3 different distances; 10 feet, 2 feet, touch.


Flow Diagrams

I organized the interactions into a flow to evaluate potential pain points and action items.



I began sketching flow ideas for the app and the device experience.



I created wireframes for the device and app so the team could discuss content strategy.



For testing purposes I created prototypes to better the experience and demonstrate to the developers how action items and animations were to respond.


Visual Exploration / Animations

We explored how the user visually experience the device and how the device UI translates to the app.