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Ford Mobility presented Whipsaw with the challenge to redesign a bicycle bell that integrated embedded electronics and environmental sensors. The basic mechanism was to have a normally-closed switch be triggered when the cyclist rang the bell, and thus trigger the electrical signal on the micro controller.

Client: Ford Mobility       Role: Sole User Experience Designer      Time: Current 

UX Goals: Perform an opportunity assessment, design the user experience, map user journeys, and conduct user testing for the bell and accompanying app.


Brainstorming / Concept Ideation

After reviewing the research report provided from the research team we took our thoughts to the white board. We brainstormed ideas on why bicyclists use bells and the benefits received from the bell to provide an enhanced ride experience for the bicyclist.


Market Review

To elaborate on the research the team reviewed other apps and products on the market that could potentially compete with Ford’s bell. We evaluated the information and data people interacted with.



I created three personas that broadly categorized and described three types of bicyclists.



I expanded on our personas and created scenarios where these three types of bicyclists might need or want to use the Ford Mobility bell during their bike ride.


Engagement Strategy

To ensure a fully engaged experience, the bell and app interact with each other for the on and off bike experience. Although the bicyclist does not interact with the bell while off the bike, the app provides data and gamification to maintain a recurring, happy user.


Sketches / Wireframes

Concept app wireframes were created in the instance of product launch.

ford wireframe-01.jpg