Digital Airline Boarding Pass

Digital boarding pass_img1.jpeg

Project Scope: My challenge was to research, explore, and redesign the current boarding pass. I presented my research, challenges, thought processes and design choices.

Client: N/A Role: Researcher, UX & UI designer Time: 48 Hours



I began the project by researching past boarding pass experiences and processes. I explored currently airline boarding passes printed and mobile to understand common styles and information. 


User Research

I drafted 20 questions used to interviewed 4 different people with. I chose interviewees based on their travel purposes, frequency, distances, and experience. 


Identifying Key Objective

After researching the physical boarding pass, competitor products, and the end users' travel experiences, I discovered the design challenge's key objective.


Mind Mapping

(How Might We)

I brainstormed different ideas on how to better a traveler's boarding experience. My ideas developed from the comments and answers of the people I interviewed as well as my own experiences. I wrote down my ideas and posted them on the wall to organize and highlight the main design goals.


The Happy Path

I created a user flow highlighting the best possible path a user could take to accomplish their goals during air travel. The path starts with the user purchasing a plane ticket and ends with being picked up at the airport.



I continued my brainstorming by sketching my concept ideas. I explored desktop and mobile designs and notification and update experiences.




After the user has purchased their ticket, a notification is send to their email. The user is guided to open the boarding pass in their airline (JetBlue) app for up-to-date notifications and easy checkin. Other options are to add the flight to the calendar or send the information to a friend, family, or pick up driver. Through out the flight experience the traveler and the friend or family member will be notified of any itinerary changes.



In Sketch I designed the wireframes based on the sketches I had done. While designing my ideas develop.


Mobile Notifications

I explored the traveler's and driver's notification experience.


UI Design

In Photoshop I designed the UI for multiple screens within the app. I kept the JetBlue colors but kept the style calm and clean to express a soothing feeling to the end user.


App The Table

APP DESIGN / USER FLOW  |  App the Table

App-the-Table is a mobile platform for food trucks and restaurants enabling customers to place orders and pay from their smartphones.  For this project, I performed minor research on the product and its competitors, created wireframes and a user flow, designed pixel perfect UI, and animated the user flow using Keynote.


Client: App the Table      Role: UI Consultant      Time: 3 days